ekw (falter_inflight) wrote,

a lesson in loss

A Starved Dog’s Logic About Bones

I’m trying to be a less predatory creature
less dependent on the life of another for sustenance
but eating like a bird has left me
without a song to sing, without
any flight paths or destinations.
Even mosquitoes buzz with purpose;
get involved in the chase.

My muscles have a pride that you’ve bruised
with your disinterest
a patience that you have pushed with your

and now I am rabid in my desire
to need you, to be needed. I
howl and bay for even the most
negative of attentions.
And you: terrified at this startling
creature at your feet,
eyes so wide so that I can no
longer see the solstice your eyelashes
play against the dusky light; you
reject me, you don’t care to feed me,
you leave me outside overnight

and I’m left apologizing to the mosquitoes for this
cold starvation
the marrow of your love dried up.

with love and squalor,
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